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Top 10 Tattoos In Rock

Tattoos have long been associated with rock stars. We take a look at some of the best from Travis Barker, Oli Sykes, James Hetfield, Corey Taylor and more.

Source: TimeBombTattoo

Source: TimeBombTattoo

It is an expectation these days for rock stars to have tattoos. For years, some of the greatest men and women in rock music have been decorating themselves in amazing, or in some cases not so amazing art work. From David Bowie‘s man riding a dolphin to Corey Taylor‘s David Bowie, the tattoos have become a fascination for the fans and iconic pieces which make the person wearing them instantly recognisable. We take a look at ten of the best tattoos in rock music.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker is the drummer in American rock band Blink 182 and is well known for his tattoos. In an interview with Noisey, Travis was asked which of his tattoos was his favourite and replied:

“It’s like picking a favorite kid, you can’t do it. They’re all pages out of a scrapbook to me. I guess some people get just a bunch of tattoos cause they’re like, “Oh, it looks cool.” But to me, they were all documenting a time in my life. When people ask me, “Would you ever get anything removed?” I was like, “That’s like tearing out a sheet in the book, you can’t do that.” At least for me, I got it for a reason, I can’t just go, “That’s not cool anymore, I’m gonna take it off.”

The most famous of Travis’ tattoos is probably the boom box he has inked over his abdomen. The tattoo is a reference to his childhood love of break dancing.

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