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Nando’s Just Added Plant-Based Chicken To The Menu!

Time to ditch the chicken and take the kinder option!

Nandos The Great Imitator

Source: Official Promo Image

As of today (October 13th) Nando’s have finally introduced their very own plant-based chicken alternative, ‘The Great Imitator’.

Made completely from pea protein, it’s packed full of PERi-PERi and comes in a vegan pita, bun or wrap complete with vegan mayo.

We’ve made some pretty big commitments to fight climate change, and introducing more plant-based options to our menus is just one of the many ways we’re aiming to bring down our carbon emissions. Because when it comes to climate change, we’re not clucking about.

Nando’s has also said they will be cooking these on a separate part of the grill to their animal products, as well as using separate utensils to help avoid cross contamination.

They have also added Sweet Potato Wedges and vegan-friendly Garlic PERinaise to their menus.

Let’s hope this goes well and we see a totally vegan Nando’s in the future. Why choose animal products when a plant-based option is available?


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