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Screenshot from our upcoming documentary ‘Taking Note’

Since 2010, HTF has been pumping out all the best in music, entertainment and lifestyle content, serving millions and millions of readers and bringing fans closer to the action than ever before. With a platform built and an increasing awareness of its reach, we made the decision in 2018 to take a hiatus to figure out how to use our platform to both entertain and promote more positive change in the world.

Shoot forward to today, and just about to come into our 10th year of existence, HTF is back to bring you a fresh take on what you know and love from us, with more wit that ever before, alongside a whole host of ethical and thought provoking content to inspire and incite change. Now also running on vegan ethics and with a fully vegan staff force we hope to try and do our part for the world while keeping the party going.


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Note: We are not currently taking on contributors. We will update this notice if this changes in the future.

For all enquires about Taking Note (The Vegan Music Documentary), please direct emails to