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So, I Hear You Need A Vegan Lube That Gives Money To Help Animals? We Got You!

Get down knowing animals are being helped…while your genitals are.

Source: Official Promo Image

So picture the scene….you are feeling all sexy and stuff, the mood lighting is right, Barry White the Walrus Of Love is doing his thing, but you just can’t get in the right headspace; something is bothering you. Your brain is going round and round and round saying, “God damn! I really wish there was a way for me to get all sexy and contribute around 5% of the profits of part of this sex act to help animals in need. If only there was a way?!” Well it turns out there is!

In my inbox today I spotted an email from a company called Into The Wlyde, ran by a lady called Kathie, who has released a fully vegan, plant-based lube and gives 5% of all their profits to Four Paws UK to help end animal cruelty. Result!

All of our products are vegan, and are certified by The Vegan Society. We love animals. We don’t believe in using or exploiting animals in any way, and we donate 5% of our profit to Four Paws in the UK.

We call it vegan – not because you eat it (though it is 97% organic and 99% plant based), but because there’s nothing animal tested in this lube so you can shimmy between the sheets as nature intended.

They are also certified by the Soil Association. Animal friendly and soil friendly, what more could you want in a lube?! Oh and the packaging is recycled!

Be the only animals between the sheets…

10 years in research and development the award-winning lubricant is registered with The Vegan Society and the Soil Association. It contains five herbal extracts (aloe, marigold, marshmallow, wild oat and white archangel) with other plant-based ingredients. It has been formulated to match intimate female pH, with an osmolarity that has been shown to be kind to intimate areas. It is packaged in a tube made from wood pulp and BPA-free plastic.

For years, we kept seeing young women getting intimate irritations after sex, and this was making them feel awkward with their partners and out of touch with their bodies. I wanted to create something completely natural with top-notch ingredients that would make sex more enjoyable and less likely to cause irritation, whilst allowing them to feel that they were looking after themselves and their body’s needs.

It was really important to me to create something that made women feel good both when they bought and used it, from the design and eco-friendly nature of the packaging to the quality of the ingredients and the information we provided.

So there you go. Vegan, animal friendly, soil friendly, recycled packaging friendly lube. You can now get down to business!

Thank us later! (Well thank Kathie, we did nothing!)



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