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Taylor Swift To Release Video Game – Here’s 5 Musician Based Games We’ve Invented That Will Be Even Better!

What what in the putt!

taylor-swift Style

Source: Official Promo

Taylor Swift is to release her own video game app, if reports are to be believed. There's no word on the content of the game, but it's due to hit phones in late 2016...just enough time to get our own apps out then!

We put our crack team of experts to task, doing better things. Then called up the one guy willing to stay up until 2am photoshopping (badly) random crap together. Here's what he came up with!

Source: Photo Credit: dw*c via Compfight cc

Source: Photo Credit: dw*c via Compfight cc

Sugababes: Gotta Catch Em’ All!

Remember the frustration of trying to catch Mew in the original Pokemon? Spending hours upon hours trying to shift that truck in the hopes the little purple bastard was underneath. Well that pales in comparison to trying to catch-all the members of the Sugababes. Your first task will be actually remembering what they look like!

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