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5 Pop Punk Tracks You Didn’t Know Were Actually Love Songs

We all know pop punk is very much about heart-warming love ballads and emotional lyrical content. Oh, wait… sorry, pop punk is the genre with the pizza and the skateboarding. Well, anyway, here are 5 pop punk love ballads you didn’t actually know were love ballads!


Source: 'What's My Age Again' video

We all know pop punk is synonymous with love (and love songs)…

Okay, so pop punk is synonymous with pizza and immaturity, but there’s still a great deal of love involved in the energetic genre. It plays out the oldest story in the world: boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl turns out to be a bitch, boy moans about it in the key of high-pitched for 2-3 albums. But sometimes, the love is portrayed in a more subtle, sophisticated way.

And since we love subtle, and like, you know, sophisticated shit here at Mosh, we decided to analyse a bunch of pop punk songs that you didn't actually know were love songs!

‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’Good Charlotte

This pop punk party track is about a boy who likes a girl so much that he really doesn’t care that she’s taken. Hey, Romeo wouldn’t have let a hipster stop him from being with Juliet! He’s lusting after her so hard that he’s memorised what she’s wearing. (“You carry Dior bags / and you got your Chanel / you wear Louis Vuitton, HG, and YSL”) Awww! Isn’t love/obsession sweet?

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