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5 Pop Punk Tracks You Didn’t Know Were Actually Love Songs

We all know pop punk is very much about heart-warming love ballads and emotional lyrical content. Oh, wait… sorry, pop punk is the genre with the pizza and the skateboarding. Well, anyway, here are 5 pop punk love ballads you didn’t actually know were love ballads!


Source: ‘What’s My Age Again’ video

We all know pop punk is synonymous with love (and love songs)…

Okay, so pop punk is synonymous with pizza and immaturity, but there’s still a great deal of love involved in the energetic genre. It plays out the oldest story in the world: boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl turns out to be a bitch, boy moans about it in the key of high-pitched for 2-3 albums. But sometimes, the love is portrayed in a more subtle, sophisticated way.

And since we love subtle, and like, you know, sophisticated shit here at Mosh, we decided to analyse a bunch of pop punk songs that you didn’t actually know were love songs!

‘What’s My Age Again’Blink-182

You probably didn’t realise that this legendary track from Blink is one of the sweetest pop punk tracks around. Not only does the guy in the song get himself all fixed up for the date (“I wore cologne to get the feeling right”), but he is also interested in getting close to his date’s family (“Then later on, on the drive home / I called her mom from a pay phone”). Okay, so it was a prank call, but still! Talking to the mum is a big step.

Hey! It’s the thought that counts. Love is weird.

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