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Seven Celebrities We’d Like To See Start Clothing Lines

Though it seems every celeb out there is releasing their own clothing line, here are some stars who haven’t made the move to fashion yet, but really should.

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In 2015, it’s near impossible to track down a celebrity who hasn’t dabbled in their own clothing line. Everyone, from Kanye West to Alexa Chung, seems to have a fashion label to their name, fusing their influence and signature tastes into a capsule collection marketed to the high street and beyond. Even Zayn Malik is rumoured to be releasing his own fashion line – as if his fans need anything else to send them into a fluster!

In many cases, a fashion line is merely a marketing ploy – another attempt to edge into other branches of consumerism. However, that said, many celebrities have made a success of their creative talent and carved out a reputable name for themselves in the fashion industry. Take Victoria Beckham, for example.

So which celebrities haven’t yet made the cross-over into the fashion world, but definitely need to? Flick through the gallery to see who we think needs to launch their own clothing line.

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