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Hevy Festival – Friday 15th August | Live Review

Hevy Festival made it’s return this year; and it was glorious. Check out what we thought of the first day of the festival.

After the sad news of 2013 we were incredibly excited to see Hevy Festival back on full form for 2014 with an incredible line up, in what was also an amazing set up. The down points of larger festivals is usually the long ass walk from the car to camp and then camp to arena but we were parked up, camped and beers out within minutes of arriving at Hevy, what more could you want? The MainStage never clashed with the two smaller stages and even then if you wanted to pop between the smaller stages you were there in seconds so we well and truly hope you are here to stay Hevy Fest. Plus who doesn’t want to go see some Rhinos before bands kick off?

The Friday line up was an epic mix bag of bands that had us running between stages and wondering what they will have lined up for 2015. From Apologies, I Have None to TRC or Kvelertak there was certainly something for everyone, signing off with a remarkable display from Finch that closed the opening day of Hevy in an incredible atmosphere surrounded by likeminded people. Check out what we thought here:

Main Stage

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Apologies, I have none

Opening the main stage on the Friday was always going to be tricky, but the Londoners managed to do a pretty good job. Their mix between chilled out emo and solid guitar driven melodies offered the lacklustre crowd a remedial soundtrack to the drizzly afternoon. Yet, come their ending song ‘Long Gone’ a good few people seemed to be in a throw your hands in the air kind of mood. 4/5 LH


Built upon a collective of incredible Swedish musicians sees INVSN fronted by Refused’s Dennis Lyxzsen. Despite a sparse crowd INVSN swung in with everything they had, the band creating an incredible display in reeling guitars wind swept hair. As the set progressed we just couldn’t look away, new romantic synth sounds took over every curious Refused fans intrigue and pulled it away to INVSN in their own right. The set intensified from beginning to end Lyxzsen commanding all he could from the crowd in a new alternative wave of music that we may not have been open to checking out if it wasn’t for INVSN. 3.5/5 AC

Credit: Rhian Westbury


What Maybeshewill can create with music is a beautiful art that not many come close to. They held the crowd at Hevy’s mainstage in a silent bewildered awe, desperate to not miss a note. Grasped by incredible talent and intricate soundscapes Maybeshewill do not just perform but elevate you through this alluring journey that combines complexity in accentuating hooks and overlaying fervor that highlights what masters of their craft Maybeshewill are. We can think of nothing better than standing in a field with our friends, warm cider in hands watching one of the best bands to come from the UK. Even if this does mean we drunkenly think we know all the words to ‘The Network’ quote during ‘Not For Want Of Trying’. 5/5 AC

Three Trapped Tigers

Psychically putting into words Three Trapped Tigers’ set is nearly impossible, some things in life you just have to experience. The electronic trio have this ability to intertwine unruly sounds into beautiful and remarkable pieces that had us stood in reverence and respect. Three Trapped Tigers illustrated distorted time patterns knitted over outstanding drum work and elaborate riffs. It’s like you don’t know where to look so even if you hadn’t had a lot to drink you felt like you were losing your mind in this stunning network of sounds. ‘Cramm’ prompts this wild illumination of sound leaving us to marvel at the profound fragments and find beauty in the quiet parts. 5/5 AC

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