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Hevy Festival – Friday 15th August | Live Review

Hevy Festival made it’s return this year; and it was glorious. Check out what we thought of the first day of the festival.

Punktastic Second Stage

Credit: Rhian Westbury

The One Hundred

Being the opening band at any festival can be a tricky one but when you’re opening somewhere as quiet as this year’s Hevy Festival then it’s a tough call. Fortunately those who came out to see The One Hundred were not left disappointed, frontman is like a ball of pent up energy and as soon as the opening riffs kick in he explodes. Playing tracks from their impending debut album alongside previously released tracks including ‘The Kingsmen’ the band show why they’re massive contenders to watch out for. There are quite a few bands trying their best to blend rap and hardcore but few do it with the intensity of The One Hundred. Whether you fancied a dance or a mosh you had the option to do either. We can’t wait to see where these guys go in the next year, it’s an exciting time for the young band. 4.5/5 RW

Full Gallery of The One Hundred here.

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Heart In Hand

By the time Heart in Hand make their way to the stage on Friday, the crowd have started to warm up and they’re playing to a pretty full tent. It’s clear that the band are feeding off of the vibe, as they get more and more pumped up with the crowd, and it makes for a pretty lively set. The melodic backdrop to their hardcore sound sets them apart from a lot of the heavier bands playing this weekend, and gives some of us with a gentler taste in music a little break at this early hour of the day. They strike a fine balance between metal and melody, pleasing almost everyone in their half-hour set. 3/5 SL

Full Gallery of Heart in Hand here.

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Feed The Rhino

Where do we start with Feed The Rhino? If you’ve seen them then you know what their live show is all about: if you haven’t then you have to see it to believe it. Frontman Lee Tobin’s is unlike most other frontmen out there (Jason Butler excluded!) with more energy than should be possible during a sweaty show. The band are tight and polished and the fury created by the band whips up a pit which we’re glad we weren’t in the middle of. There’s little we can say to do this band justice the only advice we can give is see them live! 5/5 RW

Full Gallery of Feed The Rhino here.

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