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Big Wild’s Debut Album Superdream Is An Inspiring Listen

If you listen to one new album this week, make sure it’s this one.

Big Wild - Superdream

Jackson Stell, better known as Big Wild, has quickly become one of the most exciting new sounds within the dance/electronic music scene.

You may be aware of his hugely successful, Spotify Global Viral Chart topping single ‘Aftergold’ featuring Tove Stryke, which he followed with debut EP ‘Invincibe’ in February 2017.

Fast forward to 2019 and Big Wild is finally releasing his highly-anticipated debut album Superdream this week. The album is his most personal work to date, not only because it features his own writing and singing, but because it is a product of his journey battling with and recovering from thyroid cancer. As soon as you hit play, you can hear and feel his full spectrum of emotions through every track, offering a whole variety of sounds and an inspiring listen.

“Jackson’s real-life emotions are laid bare through every carefully thought out sound.”

Jackon’s unique, atmospheric sound was first inspired by a trip to Big Sur, California where he was influenced by the state’s wide-open spaces and natural beauty. Opening track and latest single ‘City of Sound’ is a perfect example of this, which would sound at home on a summer road trip down Route 66. Its upbeat, 70’s vibes are brought right up to date thanks to his unique vocals and a big guitar-led chorus.

‘Maker’, ‘Joypunks’ and ‘Heaven’ make up the rest of the album’s singles, boasting psychedelic beats and wildly interesting sounds, with mixed, powerful vocals sometimes reminiscent of Tame Impala.

Strong vocals are a consistent theme throughout the record. Collaborations include the distinctive Rationale on ‘6s to 9s’ and iDA Hawk on ‘Alley-Oop’. The former is especially memorable – a stand-out combination of Rationale’s soulful, dreamlike influence teamed with Big Wild’s uplifting dance beats.

The record’s closing song ‘Awaken’ is stunningly emotive, saving the best until last. Choir-like vocals are teamed with a spine-tingling tune which builds and builds, with deliberate distortion and mixing to ignite the senses. The final notes on an album should always leave you wanting more and this certainly does.

From start to finish, Jackson’s real-life emotions are laid bare through every carefully thought out sound. It creates a record that flows seamlessly from one track to another, providing an overwhelming sentimental feeling. Poignant lyrics in ‘No Words’ state “we’ve got a lot to see but we don’t need words’. This perfectly reflects how Big Wild’s exceptional and emotive melodies do the talking. Superdream is an album that really makes you feel something. A debut triumph and a must listen.

Big Wild – Superdream is available from 1st February 2019.

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