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Why You Need To Attend An International Festival This Summer!

Here’s some reasons for you to go, but we don’t think you need that much encouraging.

Source: Promo / Facebook

Source: Promo / Facebook

Festival season is upon us and with so much to choose from, especially in the UK, it’s hard to decide what to attend. Perhaps what you need this year is to explore festivals outside of your homeland. There are thousands of festivals throughout the world each summer, and we’ve got a few reasons why you should get out there and experience them!

Source: Dan Medhurst

The Weather

Although the mud and rain can make a festival more enjoyable, you have to admit it, sometimes you want the sunshine. That’s one big perk with festivals abroad, throughout the summer season the sun beams down over festivals like Outlook and Hideout in Croatia and even across the pond at somewhere like Coachella. You can mix the festival experience in with a hot, getaway holiday; perfect for killing two birds with one stone.

Source: HTF / Chris Hines

New Friends

Although it’s fun meeting the typical Craig from Bolton in a queue to use a portable toilet, it could be just as fun meeting someone from Spain, Brazil or China while strolling around somewhere like Tomorrowland; probably one of the most multi-cultural festivals we’ve ever attended. Who knows, you could meet a new friend for a life and have a permanent sofa to crash on if you are ever in their country. You could even go all out and start browsing some international dating sites to find yourself a potential new girlfriend while you are at it; Tomorrowland’s “Church Of Love” is waiting for you!

New Music

As well as hosting a lot of your favourite acts, being at any international festival means there is a chance to experience some bands that may never reach your shores. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are hugely talented acts that aren’t singing in English, and you never know… you could find yourself their new biggest fan!

Still need convincing? Well, see check out what happened when we went to Coachella this year, click here.

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