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We Rank My Chemical Romance’s Albums From Best To Worst (Or Not As Best!)

We rated My Chemical Romance’s 5 studio albums from best to worse. A brave move or a stupid one? See what you think inside.

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

Let’s start by saying that there is no such thing as a bad My Chemical Romance album. There absolutely is not. Not one. At All. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar AND a heathen (or a Grandmother). However, what with being fans of the band we set about the mammoth task of ranking the band’s albums from best to least best (we refuse to use the word worst). If you disagree, please feel free to let us know. Wish us luck. 

  1. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 

The album that brought My Chemical Romance to the masses and turned them into mega-stars. This is the album that changed a generation of kids, bringing out a whole scene of kids in skinny jeans and eyeliner. Some of those kids are adults now and are in their own bands (Fearless Vampire Killers are a great example), taking over the world with the punk rock drama that started right here. All killer, no filler, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is one of the most iconic albums of the century so far (alongside album number two coming up next), if for no other reason than it holds THE anthem for all those who felt they never fitted in, I’m Not OK (I Promise)’.

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