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Who The Hell Are Iceman Thesis: The Theories!

We try to unravel the mystery surrounding the biggest confusion at this year’s Download Festival. Who the hell are Iceman Thesis?

iceman thesis

Source: Facebook

The band with the biggest buzz, the biggest mystery at this weekends Download Festival was almost certainly Iceman Thesis. Now, no one knew who they were, even Andy Copping, the festival organiser looked confused watching them on the Pepsi Max Stage. So, obviously, there have been thoughts and theories flying here there and everywhere about who the members actually were.

On the Saturday there were slots for Iceman Thesis on both the Pepsi Max Stage and the Red Bull Stage. Now the confusing thing was that there were five band members on each stage, at the exact same time, performing the exact same song, all were disguised, and once their one track was finished, they left without anyone being any the wiser. We have compiled a number of theories ourselves about who the mystery men (or women, we’re not sexist) actually were.

This Is MenaceThis Is Menace are a band which not many people will be familiar with. They formed back in 2004 and didn’t stick around for very long. The members of This Is Menace consist of members of Funeral For a Friend, Hundred Reasons, Pitchshifter, Sikth, and a number of others. The sheer amount of members the band have can be one explanation as to how they managed to play both stages at the same time. There are those as well that pointed out that the stance and playing style of the bassist on the Pepsi Max Stage was incredibly similar to that of Mark Claydon of Pitchshifter, one of the members of This Is Menace. There is also the fact that Iceman Thesis is an anagram of This Is Menace? Co-incidence?

AxeWound – At the end of the set, the band handed out sack masks and inside the masks was a VHS tape. That tape has now made its way onto the internet, and through the magic of stopping and starting the video itself we get a glimpse of the lead vocalist. Now, the brief but close look at the vocalists mouth, as well as the style of the vocals, does correlate to that of AxeWound and Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cornier. Also to help, the band consists of 5 members, the exact number of those performing on stage. Over the weekend two members of Bullet For My Valentine were also spotted, Jason and Padge attended Download over the weekend, so it’s not beyond reason that Matt Tuck, another member of AxeWound could have been there also.  There is also a new album expected out this year; could this have been the first glimpse at the band’s new material?

Idiom – Another individual who the allusive mouth has been compared to is that of Idiom lead vocalist Matt Sharland. Now it just begs the question as to why he would be so secretive about the entire thing. If it was Sharland singing, then he was clearly there with a different band, for one reason or another.

The Hell – A band so secretive, so elusive that not even their own parents know who they are any more, The Hell are notorious for their masks and complete lack of identity. To compare musically as well, the deep hardcore sound surrounding them is also very similar. The only problem with this theory, is that the band were in Copenhagen over the weekend of Download, so wouldn’t have been able to attend the event.

Whoever they were, the set was interesting to say the least. It did what it set out to do, get people confused and talking about it for days to come. There are those that are calling it boring, pointless, a waste of time, etc. Whether it was a way of testing the water on a new track, or a huge PR stunt, it doesn’t matter; it has created one of the most interesting discussions surrounding a festival set in years. We believe whoever came up with the idea should be given a huge bonus and tell us who it is so we can buy them a pint or two.

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