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Captain PugMOSH’s Top Bands To See On A Cruise Ship

After Paramore’s pop-punk cruise, we MOSH give you our top three picks for the best bands for a musical party cruise.

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

In all honesty, most cruises sound like a rockers idea of hell on the high seas. Sea-sickness, snooty food (seriously, all we want is some fucking chips!), rough seas, bland cover band ‘entertainment’ and probably an annoying couple in their fifties who will talk about nothing but how this is their 12th year running doing THIS EXACT SAME CRUISE! However, this time around, we’ve found a cruise we wish we could of been on: The Paramore Party Boat! It’s exactly what it says on the tin, a cruise with Hayley Williams and the gang, including a live performance from the outfit and a chance for some insane party times.

Could this be the next gig trend? We sure hope so! Here’s three bands that we think would be awesome for such an occasion… 


Man Overboard

We honestly can’t decide whether these guys would be an excellent band to mosh out to on the waves or a health and safety nightmare. On the one hand, some cracking pop-punk to party on down to (beer and pizza will obviously be supplied), on the other hand, should anyone actually go overboard, would we all just think the screams for help were just a band rally cry? Thing could get a bit drowny very fast.

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