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By The Nine! Take A Look At These 6 Awesome Slipknot Covers

We rallied up a collection of Slipknot covers to tribute the brothers nine. Find out what some of our favourite renditions of the masked troupe are.

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Masked militia Slipknot have been making waves in the music industry since their inception in the late 90’s and have inspired countless rock acts of today into making their dreams a reality. This got us thinking; with a sound and art form as unique as the Knot’s, let’s compile together a bunch of covers to celebrate our favourite pack of freaks. 

Architects – ‘Wait And Bleed’

Kicking off our list we have Brighton’s best, Architects. Creating a heavy as balls cover of the timeless Knot anthem, ‘Wait And Bleed’ for Rock Sound Magazine’s Worship & Tributes album. Architects blended the intensity of Slipknot’s song writing with their own musical stylings. Complete with singer Sam Carter’s trademark tones and signature “BLERGH” the Architects cover shows that even a track that’s coming up 20 years old is still loved enough to be revitalised in a big way.

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