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8 Of The Best Festival Chants To Annoy The Whole Campsite!

We’ve highlighted some of the best and most outrageous festival chants… past, present, and future!

Best Festival Chants

Best Festival Chants – Source: V Festival Verified Facebook Page

Are You Ready For The Best Festival Chants Ever?

Who doesn’t love a good festival chant? Oh yes, the time is nigh. It is that time of year where we tend to squander and righteously piss away our money on the one thing that most of us who are not adapted to home luxuries love to go to… it is FESTIVAL SEASON!

Whilst those of a pompous, boring, and sanitary nature would rather clean your hands repeatedly in a fashion that would resemble the blood-washing scene from Macbeth with your bottle of hand sanitizer, the rest of us will be partying our problems away to some great music in a muddy field with all of our friends, and after hours we shall be getting obscene in various different hedonistic ways.

However, there is one thing that has stood the test of time with festivals, and that is the festival chant.



A repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung in unison by a crowd.

Say or shout repeatedly in a sing-song tone.

Particularly with festival crowds, there seems to be a domino effect where thousands of people tend to join in the fun of some oddball chant that has been conjured up out of the depths of surrealism, comedy, or just plain random spontaneity, to create some of the most outrageous festival moments.

So with this feature, I would like to present a list of some of the best festival chants that have, and will haunt you at every festival you ever go to.

[tw_list no=”1″]BOLLOCKS![/tw_list]

Probably the best festival chant of all time. There is no particular reason as to why this is ever yelled out, but you will mainly find this being bellowed at any British festival. Listen for it coming in this distance.

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