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5 Reasons Miley Cyrus Presenting MTV Video Music Awards Will Be Awesome!

Miley Cyrus presenting this years MTV VMAs will be awesome and here are 5 reasons why!

Source: Terry Richardson

It’s been two years since that famous performance Robin Thicke at the MTV VMA‘s and it’s now time for Miley Cyrus to host this years award show on Sunday August 30 – we’re ready for her! As if it wasn’t obvious enough that she is going to be an awesome host, here are five reasons to remind you why.

1. The Many Interesting Costumes

It’s no secret that Miley likes to have a lot of fun with fashion by wearing lots of interesting clothes and sometimes none. Whatever she wears, we just know she’s either going to look stunning or a complete hot mess. You never know.. she may dress up as a foam finger this time just to remind us all of her iconic life changing performance from 2013.

2. Miley Won’t Have A Filter

Miley simply doesn’t give a f*ck. She’s had a reputation at previous MTV awards to have lighten up a spliff during one of her winning speeches and let’s keep trying not to forget her grinding on Robin Thicke making him a lil’ thicker. We’re all pretty certain Miley will probably not pay attention to her script and will just say anything she wants to. “F this, F that” etc etc.

3. She Isn’t Afraid To Help People

Miley is not only a multi-platinum selling pop star that enjoys to create controversy, she also is a very charitable and helpful human being. When Cyrus won Video of the Year at last years VMA‘s for ‘Wrecking Ball‘, she let her date Jesse, a homeless youth, accept her award on behalf of her and shine a light on homeless in America. She has also launched her Happy Hippie Foundation Instagram portrait series which increases awareness and acceptance of people across all gender spectrum.

4. Miley Will Entertain Us

A great host has to be able to entertain it’s viewers and Miley can sure entertain! We’ve already stated that she has no filter and that is some what enough for us all to enjoy and laugh, but we all know Cyrus is going to obviously take it that step further. We can’t wait to see how she will make her entrance and what she’ll be doing during it. She’s already swung on a wrecking ball and also on a hot dog during her “Bangerz Tour“, which she opened by sliding out on a giant tongue so what could possibly be next?

5. Twerkin

Oh c’mon! Don’t act like you don’t wanna see it! Miley‘s signature dance move is her twerk and we wanna see it at least once and so do you. The MTV Video Music Awards take place on 30th August, see who we predicted to win here.

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