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Why Autumn Is My Favourite Time Of Year To Go Away

Forget stressful, sweaty summers – try booking your holidays for autumn-time, instead. It’s not just about saving money, either…

Woman in red coat walking in Autumn leaves

There are lots of things that I love about autumn, one of them being that I think that it’s one of the most wonderful times of year to go away on holiday. Not only is it beautiful watching nature change into an autumnal rainbow, the weather’s still lovely and you can often find cheaper holiday deals around this time of year.

Autumn is my favourite season by far. I think that it is such a pretty time of year and I love to watch the leaves change colour, and the emergence of the oranges, reds and yellows burst out of all things natural. I think that it is a beautiful time to go away on holiday. I find it so relaxing taking the time to go out on long walks, enjoy hot chocolates outside and sit curled up with a blanket during the darker, more cosy evenings. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the routine of everyday life, and so taking out some time to stop and relax is one of my favourite things to do. I have recently just had a lovely week away in the Lake District and it was so nice to take the time to sit and appreciate the low rising sun, the crisp breeze and the gentle change our countryside takes during this time.

Not only is autumn a beautiful time to take a break from work and relax, it is usually a lot cheaper. Most people like to go away during spring and summer whist the weather is a little warmer and the days a little brighter. Holiday destinations often increase their prices during this time as they also coincide with the school summer holidays and so they know that parents will take this time to go away as a family. For young adults and couples however, autumn is a fantastic time to go away on holiday as a lot of places decrease their rates, knowing that is isn’t as popular a time to go away. For me, this just seems to make going away at this time of year even better as it is a little easier on the purse strings.


Most places in Europe are still fairly warm at this time of year, even if it gets a little chillier on an evening, and the breeze may have picked up a little more. It is still a perfectly lovely time of year to go away. Likewise, the UK is a beautiful place to explore at just as much of a bargain price and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a cheap yet enjoyable holiday.

Do you have any plans to go away this season?
What’s your favourite time of year to go away?

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