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The Diet You’ve Never Heard Of…

Try this lazy-gal diet hack and you may be surprised by how less frequently you find yourself reaching for those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…

While hastily scrambling to temporarily transfer food and drink from the broken fridge in the kitchen to the spare one in the shed, I managed to somehow think of a potential new way to diet…

It might be known that some of the best and greatest business ventures have emerged from the dampening depths of our garages located at the bottom of our childhood gardens.  You only need to open Google’s search engine to discover that Google was, in fact, one of these ventures. So clearly these rotten hideaways can be useful for something more than just for storing our old books, bikes and BBQs.

As well as becoming the key selling point of a house, kitchens have almost certainly overtaken the now dusty furniture of dining rooms, as ever-bigger open plan eating areas have become the most popular hub for social gatherings. As a result, we’re always left congregating in the kitchen, generally hovering within arm’s reach of all our food and drink. Does this not mean our urgency to grab, graze and gorge on different treats from the cupboards is persistently heightened? And before we know it, we’ve snacked our way to our recommended daily intakes (and beyond)? We’ll never stick to our diets or make it to our summer weight loss goals at this rate!

So here’s where the garage genius kicks in. In my desperate attempt to save the frozen yoghurt from replicating the arctic tundra in Ice Age,  I discovered brilliance in the form of a new diet tactic. If you’re amongst the householders that store their excess beverages in the garden shed fridge, why not consider this as your new gateway to willpower? Start stocking those cheat day treats, or the foods we find so hard to resist, in the shed fridge and see how often you still find yourself reaching for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We probably won’t want to journey down to the shed every couple of hours; in all likelihood, it will probably be raining anyway, thus minimising our grazing habits and helping to reduce our impulse to gorge. On the flip side, if we still find our sweet tooth overruling, a trip to the garden fridge still means we’ve worked for such indulgences… so that means we’ve earnt it, right?

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