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Reasons We’re Glad Autumn’s Here 

We’ve never been happier to say goodbye to our summer tans and shaved legs…


Autumn is fast-approaching, which is evident as the evenings grow darker by the second, almost alarmingly so. I know climate change is upon us, but going from watching the sunset to not being able to see my own hand in front of my face within a few seconds is a stretch too far. So it’s time to stop obsessing over the tan you’ve been working on and embrace fluffy socks, pumpkin spice and try to ignore the fact that leaving your bed in the morning will become even harder – although being bundled up in blankets is a lot more acceptable. Here are some of the things that we have to look forward to…

The Starbucks menu

Nothing beats coming in from the cold and sipping on a hot drink that fills all of your senses, and Starbucks are professionals at creating the perfect autumnal flavours. There’s so much excitement in the new range that they bring out every year that if it wasn’t so amazing and worth the hype, it would almost be sad. No-one can complain when their fingers are being warmed and every sip oozes comfort from the dreary streets outside.

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 No longer needing to shave

Finally! It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for; the gruelling task of shaving your legs is no more. Nor is the internal battle between singing ‘baby, I was born this way’, in an attempt to convince yourself it doesn’t need to be done, and simultaneously not being ready to show your inner Godzilla to the world. Trousers and tights are a saving grace.

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Autumnal treats

Autumn is a season littered with comforting food, comforting smells and plenty of excuses to buy new boots (all whilst drinking buckets worth of mulled wine and pigging out on pies, cakes and pastries because you’re cold and that overrides any diet. Carbs are a must to avoid frostbite after all and no ones going to see you in a bikini for a while.

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Let’s face it: we’re all constantly thinking up ideas for a Halloween costumes but all roads eventually lead to us resorting to dressing as cats (note that I’m using the term ‘cat’ loosely here because all you really do, every year, is draw on some eyeliner ‘whiskers’ and wear black).

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Candle heaven

Blame Pinterest and Instagram, but most of us have an abnormal love for pretty candles, right? You can literally smell the Christmas spirit with a good candle – if that doesn’t get you in the mood for winter festivities then I don’t know what will. From wild berries to pumpkin spices, who’d have thought a lump of wax could bring so much joy?!

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