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What I’ve Learnt As A Fashion Intern – Top Tips For Newbies!

Sleeping under tables isn’t so bad!

Source: The Devil Wears Prada

Source: The Devil Wears Prada

If you are one of the many students trying to break into the fashion industry, you will have either done, do or be doing an internship. We are currently in the middle of internship season, where hundreds of like-minded people give their hearts and souls to fashion houses in return for a name to put under ‘experience’ on their CVs. With just a few weeks to go until London Fashion Week, these poor people will be working through to hours which should only be spent in the pub or in bed. But if you study or work in fashion, you will know all about long working days, sleep deprivation and living off microwave meals.

First-time interns probably feel nervous going into it, with a very small idea as to what goes on inside a design studio. But, we all have to start somewhere, and if you find the right place for you, it’s not so bad.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far from my time as a fashion intern.

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

1. Know What Job You’re Going In For

I went for my first interview without checking the job description. When they asked me what I thought I would be doing during the internship I realised that I had no idea. They explained to me what the job title meant, which I also hadn’t read, and my naivety made the interview very awkward. After that, I learnt that ‘fashion intern’ is very broad, and your role as an intern could involve many things which will probably be different to what you thought you would be doing. Each company will want interns for various sections so it is important to check which you’re going for, before you make yourself look like a clueless idiot. I got the job, but lost my dignity.

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