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We Have A Chat With Pretty Attitude Clothing “It’s Been A Wild Ride”

As rebellious as the name suggests!

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From Alexander Wang to Marc Jacobs, if 2016’s taught us anything it’s that rocker chic is back and we should be lashing it up in everything we do. That’s why we decided to sit down and chat to Christine and Marina from Pretty Attitude Clothing.

As rebellious as the name suggests, the brand are known for their seriously cool threads that merge together music and fashion. Ideal for either a festival or scratching a key across the bonnet of your ex-boyfriend’s car, pieces are fierce, punchy and have an aesthetic that screams for you to put your middle finger up. Here’s what the two style mavens had to say.

HTF: Hi Christine and Marina, how are you both?

PA: Thanks for asking, we’re doing great.

HTF: For our readers who haven’t heard of you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your clothing line?

PA: Pretty Attitude is a Rock’n’Roll inspired online fashion destination carrying unique and rock-inspired clothing, accessories and home decor. Our store is comprised of two labels. Our Black Label is for Rock’n’Roll nights and the White Label is for wild gypsy days. We offer many unique pieces for girls who love to express their own personality with unique looks.

HTF: How would you best describe Pretty Attitude’s aesthetic?

PA: Pretty Attitude’s aesthetic is a combination of Rock’n’Roll style and fashion-forward pieces. It’s very important for us to be consistent, with our designs, with the photography and model selection.

HTF: What encouraged you to start the brand? Have you always wanted to work in fashion?

PA: We were working in the music industry when we started Pretty Attitude as a side project. Initially we did not plan on entering the fashion market and we’ve never worked in fashion but the love for unique pieces has always been a passion of ours. We were intrigued by original and unique Rock’n’Roll styles, so we started the brand from scratch with only three pieces that we sold online. After a year Pretty Attitude grew so big that it was just impossible to keep our day jobs and the fashion business running at the same time. So we made the decision to quit our jobs and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

HTF: Could you tell us a little bit about the two different labels and why you wanted to structure the company in that way?

PA: We decided to offer two labels to provide our customers with a unique concept and shopping experience. Our Black Label collection offers the perfect Rock’n’Roll essentials for a night out-of-town, while our White Label collection not only has a full line of festival styles but also provides all the right pieces for days full of road-trips and adventures.


HTF: What’s the design process like when you create a line? What do you start with?

PA: We usually start by creating a mood board. Then we think about fabrics and look through different samples and options that can be used. Once we find the right style and material we hand everything over to our production company who creates samples for us. If it is approved, we start mass production.

HTF: With the market being so competitive nowadays, how do you constantly come up with inspiration and stay ahead of the game?

PA: It’s very important for us to offer pieces that are unique. We get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, mostly travel, music, photography and fashion trends from the present and the past. Our customers are very creative, adventurous with an intriguing sense of style. We want to offer them a platform where they can get inspired, experience new trends, and find extraordinary pieces that can’t be found elsewhere.


HTF: The pieces seem massively influenced by music? Has this always been an interest of yours?

PA: Music has always been a significant part of our business. A lot of our items have been inspired by female rock artists’ extraordinary styles.

HTF: What are your favourite artists or bands?

PA: Lots of classic rock, like Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and Rolling Stones.

HTF: Finally, what advice would you give to young women wanted to start their own line?

PA: Be genuine, never give up on your dream and most importantly work hard and dedicate yourself to the business 100%.

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