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Topshop Scraps Skinny Mannequins After Customer Complaint

Topshop is scrapping unrealistically tall and skinny mannequins after a customer complaint on Facebook. It’s about time, too…


Topshop has responded to a social media call-out after an unhappy customer complained that the mannequins they use are too skinny.

Laura Berry was shopping in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway when she noticed the tall, slender mannequins, which are rumoured to be a size 6. Putting a picture of her find along with a message to the company on Facebook, Laura’s post gained over 5000 likes. Clearly, a lot of people agree with her.

Laura took it into her own hands to challenge the high street giant over its decision to promote its clothes to young, body-conscious girls on such skinny models. Laura stated that Topshop should take responsibility “for the impression you have on women and young girls” and accused them of  having a “lack of concern for a generation of extremely body conscious youth.”

“As you are aware, the year is 2015. A time when I like to believe we are conscious of the harsh unrealities often imposed on us by the fashion industry (the Nineties is famous for its skinny runway models),” she wrote below the picture of the mannequin.

“I believe we should all feel comfortable in our own skin. Having said that, this mannequin is quite frankly ridiculously shaped. Young women aspire to the somewhat cult image your store offers… Yet not one mannequin in your store showed anything bigger than a size 6…. So today, I’m calling you out Topshop, on your lack of concern for a generation of extremely body conscious youth.”

Topshop isn’t the only store to use ridiculously tall and slender mannequins, but perhaps we’ve become so accustomed to them we don’t even think twice when we see them now. It’s a shame that more shapes aren’t celebrated in shops and unfortunately, although Topshop have said they will stop ordering the particular mannequins in question, this definitely won’t be the last time you’ll see an ultra-skinny mannequin in the shops.

Images via Laura Berry (Facebook)/ Topshop


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