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The Fanny Pack is Back, and We Don’t Know How to Feel About It

It’s official: the fanny pack is back. Should we be happy about this?!

Written by Casey Milano

What do you think when you hear the words fanny pack? Do you see an image of a tourist looking lost in London (come on, admit it, it cheers you up on your way to work as well!)? Your mother in acid-wash jeans? Personally, I think of a middle-aged dad on a day trip stating that he has all he needs in his little ‘bum bag.’ Yep, for some reason he’s a British man in tan shorts, white socks – very important aspect – and Velcro sandals. Let’s face it: the fanny pack brings up emotions in all of us, and lately it has been turned into more of a must-have than a faux pas thanks to fashion’s ‘it’ girls. Fanny packs have been seen everywhere, on everyone from the Kardashians to Rhianna to Gigi Hadid – for such a small bag, it certainly hasn’t missed a photo opportunity – so, love it or hate it, the fanny pack is back!

It was thought to just be a throwback for a season, but this 80s and early-90s revival piece has now gone on to divide the fashionista within all of us. And while it might be practical for celebs who don’t generally work 9-5 like the rest of us, is the fanny pack just a retro throwback, or a necessity that should be in everyone’s wardrobe?  

It may keep you hands-free all day but is it practical for the everyday woman? I personally couldn’t even fit my purse my into a fanny pack, so no matter how pretty designers – think Gucci, Moschino, Prada – make them nowadays, for me its just not practical. But maybe I could use one as a make-up bag inside my huge everyday bag!? OK, maybe I’m getting a little carried away… pun intended.

So maybe they’re not practical for day-do-day life. But for festivals? Yes. For a shopping day when all you need is your card, keys and phone? Definitely. Walking the dog or going for a run? Huge yes. These bags are versatile (wear them round your waist, over your shoulder… the possibilities are endless), easy to carry, and perhaps even a reminder of simpler times when we didn’t need a 2-kilo bag for work. But, for those of you who are loving this trend, there are many gorgeous designs out there that scream stylish simplicity rather than Richard Simmons.

But when I have everything but the bathroom sink in my bag, adjusting to the fanny pack would be too difficult, i.e. frustrating to the point where the fanny pack gets thrown through the window…

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Images via Elle@maria_ios

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