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The Closet Team’s Reasons to Love Winter Dressing

Sweater weather has well and truly arrived. We asked three of our writers to share their favourite things about getting dressed in the colder months.

Written by Casey Milano, Natalie Milburn and Sophie Frater 

Casey: I have a confession to make: I hate summer. I’m sure the majority of readers will be horrified as they read this as they’re possibly making their way to work in cold conditions (apologies to those who had to scrape their windows this morning, and are therefore cursing me under their breath… but bear with me).

We Brits barely get a summer, so why do I hate it so much? Well, apart from “it’s too hot!” being exclaimed 26 times a day, and the smell of fake tan galore, it’s the clothes. Yes, while others covet the summer wardrobe, I squirm. I stand firmly in the camp of winter fashion not only for the array of choice, luxurious textures and eye-pleasing outfits, but the versatility of winter dressing is something summer just can’t compete with. It’s stylish, it’s warm, it’s cosy, it’s changeable, it just makes everything glow! (Just me?) Winter is my season, my runway and, even if you shudder at the thought of the cold months ahead, I think there’s something for everyone this winter season. So grab a mocha and read on.

Layers, layers and more layers
Layer up your winter warmers and embrace the cosiness of the season! Knitwear that gives you that warm as toast’ feeling, cardigans that could double as a sleeping bag and coats that are so comfy we don’t want to take them off even indoors!

Tights that don’t ladder!
Yes the impossible to ladder cable knit tights deserve a mention of their own. A colour for every palette, the thickness of a woolly jumpy but oh so light and the ability to survive many a fallings on the ice these saviours will change your mind about tights forever! Socks (even better with snowflakes!) and ankle boots to finish and wa-lah.

Wear, love, take care, repeat
One of the wondrous things about knitwear and the majority of winter dressing is that if taken care of it doesn’t need to be washed constantly and can be worn for the 5 day week without anyone batting an eye! You’ll look stylish every day, keep your knitwear for longer and no figuring out how the hell to ‘dry flat’.

Numerous amounts of essentials
Those 16 scarves, 12 glove and hat sets you have no idea where to keep in the summer? (Incidentally – do we hang huge scarves? I certainly can’t fit mine in a drawer!) Well, they’ll be your daily hero now, not only keeping the easiest places you get cold cosy, they can also double up as your accessories, especially on those dark mornings when what to wear is as far away from your mind as a 6am gym visit.

Dresses and leggings are still in!
Leggings with chunky knits, leggings with long cardigans, leggings under jeans! And hey, why not leggings under dresses (or my favourite, dresses with cable knit tights)? Winter fashion is adaptable to any outfit.

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Natalie: As winter looms upon us, it’s hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Short days, freezing temperatures and questionable amounts of rain leave us begging for that first glimpse of summer sun, but this temperature drop guarantees one thing: more clothes!

Faux Fur Fantasy

There’s no better way to battle the winter chill than with a big fluffy coat. Since you may get some funny looks leaving your house wrapped in a duvet, these furry dreams are sure to provide maximum warmth while still looking effortlessly put together. And with faux fur specialist brands like Shrimps on the rise, it’s easier than ever to experiment with different colours and prints with this wardrobe staple.

Scarves Galore

There’s more than one way to wear a scarf you know! Opt for some bold prints to not only wear around your neck, but tied as a belt, a bag accessory or a retro-inspired headscarf. Heck – wear seven scarfs scattered around your body if you fancy it!

Give it the Boot

Confession time: I own an embarrassingly large amount of boots. But do you know what I can’t do in summer? Wear them. Winter is perfect for experimenting with all kinds of boots. Be it knee high, thigh high or ankle, find your winter staple and I promise you’ll always be excited to step out onto those icy streets.

The Bigger (Jumper) the Better

If you have an argument against a giant knitted jumper then I’d love to hear it. Polo necks are guaranteed to add a chic edge to any outfit (while acting as a scarf at the same time… hello practicality) and are perfect for those days when you need to get out the house quickly. And, when you get home, what’s better than snuggling up in your favourite jumper with a cup of tea in hand?

Layer Up!

It’s that time of year. Some love it, some loathe it but, either way, once you’ve mastered the art of layering, you are officially the Queen of Winter.  It’s not a coincidence that layering’s always on-trend when it comes to the colder months – it’s practical and, if you cant bear to part with your summer clothes, it’s a perfect way to incorporate them into your winter looks.

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Sophie: Whilst a British winter time has its annoyances, such as getting caught in torrential rain the one day you forget an umbrella, there are many things which make it one of my favourite times of year to dress for. As we take our trusty winter wardrobes out of hibernation, we are reminded of the beauty of winter style and its ability to add sophistication and comfort to our everyday looks.

So without further ado, sit back, pop the kettle on (at this time of year perhaps a Baileys hot choc?), and allow me to explain all of the reasons you should love winter style as much as I do…

Boots, Boots, Boots

You can never have enough boots. Every year varies slightly in terms of the ‘it’ boot of the season, so investing in something simple that compliments you and your everyday winter style is a wise choice. This season I am on the lookout for a pair of ankle boots with a slight heel and pointed toe – preferably in the bold red that is so in this season. (An added bonus point is it’s not public knowledge that you haven’t had time to give yourself a pedicure)!


Here are a few tips that will help you reignite your love for these simple saviors. They are incredibly cheap, which means if you are a clumsy individual like myself, carrying a spare pair with you is a necessity.

Dresses and skirts no longer require shaving your legs. If you have the unfortunate beginnings of a ladder, hair spray the spot on the tights and it will grow no further!

The Art of Oversized Clothing

After a summer spent counting calories in every bloody bland salad, with winter comes real food. Why the sudden shift? The cold and prematurely dark evenings which has us reaching for the comfort of carbs (hey there’s no shame here). Anything covered in gravy this time of year is a win. Thankfully, winter consists of oversized pieces to cover the slightly curvier silhouettes 99% of us are sporting. I like to call them Christmas curves.

Secret Layering

Winter is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a little layering and can really vamp up your wardrobe. One of my many hacks that goes un-noticed by everybody else is layering a simple top underneath whatever I’m wearing. You can even use your oldest, comfiest top that may practically be falling apart and no one has to know. Oh the joys of winter comforts…

Black on Black on Black

We are all guilty for opting for this supposed ‘safe choice’ in clothing. The world renowned ‘slimming’ colour that has us all going back to the safe choice of colour like a comfort blanket from our childhood. Co Co Chanel didn’t name the LBD as such a key to the world of fashion for nothing! This simple yet classic colour dominates every one of our wardrobes and lets face it, you can never have too many LBDs. During the season of Christmas dinners and second servings, this colour is a necessity.

Hopefully these five simple pointers can enable you to see that silver frosty lining to winter style!

Read more of Sophie’s work over on her blog and keep up-to-date with her on Instagram @sophieleahh_.

Images via Instagram @jourdandunn / @ktnewms@hannahfgale / @shrimps / @shedoesstyle@ellenextdoor / @thefashionbibleuk   

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