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Stuck for Christmas Gift Inspiration? Here’s What Our Writers Are Lusting After

Here’s what Team HTF wants this Christmas – because Christmas is only 6 weeks away and you should probably start looking for gift inspiration.


All mentions of Halloween have been stamped out of our consciousness, and all the fireworks the shops bought in for Bonfire Night are now being flogged in half-price sales nationwide. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming. Scarily, it’s happening in 6 weeks, so it’s time to start saving all your money up to purchase something slightly more exciting than the £10 Amazon gift card you gave to everyone in your extended family last year.

All we really want for Christmas is for our loved ones – and ourselves – to be healthy and happy. However, it does feel undeniably good to immerse ourselves in the ultimate day of consumerism by happily accepting new, free stuff from said loved ones. For a little bit of shopping inspiration, here’s what our writers (and myself!) would like to receive this year.


Scarlet’s Perfect Palette 

“Morphe palettes are so gorgeous that it’s hard to bring yourself to use them! The range of colours tend to cover both natural and extravagant looks, so they’re a definite go-tos whatever the occasion. The eye shadows themselves are pigmented and build-able – what more could you ask for?! Get your hands on this if you want to give the gift that just keeps on giving… act fast, though, as they’re always in high demand!” – Scarlet Hannington, Contributing Lifestyle/Culture Writer

35-Colour Eyeshadow Palette, £21.75, Morphe (available in the UK via Cult Beauty)


Charlie’s 90s Throwback

“I love the funky colours of lava lamps, particularly the yellow and purple ones – they’re so mesmerising and soothing to watch! When I was a little girl I had one but it broke due to me shaking it (oops!), so I’d love to finally replace it and add an extra bit of colour to my room.” – Charlie Bradford-Gibbs, Contributing Lifestyle Writer

Classic lava lamp, £19.99, The Glow Company


Madolyn’s Fragrance Pick

“I have been lusting after a Jo Malone fragrance for years; I would love its Blackberry & Bay Cologne for Christmas. I think that it is a beautiful scent, and the bottle and packaging is simple yet sophisticated.” – Madolyn Blackburn, Contributing Beauty/Lifestyle Writer.

Blackberry & Bay Cologne 100ml, £86, Jo Malone


Sanja’s Organisational Motivator

“One of the things I would like to get this Christmas is the Happiness Planer, because who doesn’t want to be happier? Next year I want to focus more on my happiness, so maybe planning out happiness, instead of productivity alone, could help me get there – plus, I work from home, so this would be a great addition to my desk space. What I love the most about the Happiness Planner is its lovely design. The typical ‘daily’ pages are packed with questions, inspirational quotes and guides to help you become a happier, more positive person. There are also pages to remind you to eat healthy and exercise regularly – a motivation which I really need. Hopefully Santa will make my wish come true!” – Sanja Pipus, Contributing Fashion/Lifestyle Writer

Planner, £40, The Happiness Planner


Katie’s Dream Winter Coat

“If I told Santa that I’d been really good this year, do you think he’d allow me to spend this much on a coat? But when it’s this gorgeous, he’d surely understand why! I would always opt for a Barbour jacket to fill my winter wardrobe. They are stylish, warm and ageless, adding a casual classiness to any outfit. This has got to be top of my Christmas list this year.” – Katie Brown, Contributing Lifestyle Writer

International Flywheel Wax Parka Jacket, £249, Barbour


Anne’s Ultimate Caffeine Fix

“I’ve recently moved into my own flat so I am desperate for a decent coffee machine! It’s one of those luxury items that I just wouldn’t normally buy for myself.” – Anne Bullen, Contributing Fashion Writer

Pixie coffee machine, £139.99, Nespresso

Grace’s Pricey PJs

“As soon as the clocks change, I tend to go into hibernation mode until the week before Christmas, never leaving my flat after 6pm and spending my evenings having long baths, watching Netflix and eating share bags of chocolate. This is the only time of the year that I wear pyjamas. Poplin silk PJs – ideally with a monogram to make them feel even special– would be a brilliantly indulgent Christmas present, and a welcome change from my current go-tos (faux satin from Primark). Yes, they are £200, but if you approach them with the cost-per-wear theory, the £200 seems almost more justifiable. Almost.” – Grace Howard, Fashion Editor 

Audrey Silk Pyjamas, £200, Poplin

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