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Perfecting Everyday Brows With Benefit Cosmetics: We Tested The Cult Brand’s New Brow Range

Benefit Cosmetics has given its brow range a makeover so, naturally, we had to try some of the products out. Dream brows this way, ladies…


In recent years it seems as though everyone in the beauty industry has become obsessed with eyebrows. When I was a young teen I never touched my brows – if anything, it was fashionable to have very slim, practically non-existent brows (I know, shock horror!). However, it has now almost become a social faux pas to leave one’s brows bare, and with hundreds of brow products to choose from, from a range of drug store and high street brands, there’s no excuse to ignore your eyebrows.

When it comes to brow products, my go-to brand is Benefit Cosmetics. For years, Benefit has spread the message of the importance of brows, and the cult beauty brand’s long had a bestselling range of brow products on sale, alongside their revered brow bars, in all major cities across the UK. Over the last few months Benefit has stepped up its brow game even further, having repackaged and relaunched their entire brow range, while still managing to showcase a huge range of brand new products. On the cusp of its latest buzzy launch, Benefit teamed up with a number of magazines to give away deluxe samples of a few of its new products – a brilliant marketing tool to give consumers the opportunity to ‘try before they buy.’


All of Benefit’s brow products are now packaged in an incredible silver casing with bold pink-and-black writing, really making them stand out from the rest of the company’s products, as well as competitors’ brow-grooming offerings on the market. Each product has also been given a quirky name, in typical Benefit Cosmetics style.
My favourite product from the range is one of their first, Brow Zings. This is a great little compact that consists of a wax-and-powder formula that provides a full, natural-looking brow. There’s a pair of tweezers in the compact to remove any stray hairs with, as well as a slanted brush to apply a wax outline to the brows, and a blending brush to follow on with by applying the powder to fill any gaps in the hair. I love this compact as it gives you complete control: you can make your brows as dramatic or as natural as you like. I like to use it to keep my natural shape but fill in any gaps in the hair.


For an even more natural look, I have enjoyed using Gimme Brow in Shade 5, which is a fibre gel that gives a thicker, fuller impression to each brow hair, providing more definition. I also like the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in Shade 2 to gently fill in gaps in my brows for a very soft, natural look. For days when I just want to tame my brow hairs, or for when I want to set a more defined look, the Ready, Set Brow 24-hour clear gel is ideal at keeping every hair in place when used on its own or alongside another product.
I personally like to keep my brows looking very natural and don’t tend to go too overboard when it comes to applying brow products. Therefore my favourite products from the range are probably the most natural, easy-to-use products from their collection. With the large range of products they have on offer, however, it is well worth having a peek at the entire collection – I am sure that there’s something there for everyone.


Have you tried anything from the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Collection?

What are your top picks from the collection?

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