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Is The Contour 8000 About To Revolutionise The Way We Apply Make-Up?

Ever wanted to print make-up straight on to your face?

Contour 8000

Source: Official Promo Image

“Forget ‘Fast Fashion’ it’s all about ‘Fast Make-up’ now.”

Every wanted to find a way to apply your make-up in just 30 seconds? Well if the Contour 8000 can do what it claims, then that may very soon become a reality!

Designed by CEO Catherine Gardner and brought to life by Chief Engineer Orson Mack, the Contour 8000 claims to revolutionise the way we apply make-up by becoming the world’s first make-up printer.

So how will this work exactly? Well firstly, you download the app for your phone and browse through a range of looks to find the one you fancy. This then sends the look to the printer via WiFi, you load the appropriate make-up cartridge and, with the magic of “electrostatic spray disposition combined with biometric data”, you literally print the look directly to your face. Yep, it prints on your face! Apparently the Contour 8000 guarantees a “a meticulous finish, accurate to within 1000th of a millimetre.” Sounds pretty futuristic right?

Gardner said about the product: “It’s actually quite boring putting on make-up and I wanted to find a way in which you could save time. It can take up to half an hour to put your make-up on and get the contouring right, the Contour 8000 does that in 30 seconds.”

Each cartridge allows up to 10 applications and contains the foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow and even brow powder.

Now we’re not going to lie, we almost feel like we are being pranked, it seems way too good to be true, but who knows. If this can pull off what it claims then, bingo! Anything that helps speed up the daily routine we are all for. Bring it on!

The Contour 8000’s release date has yet to be revealed, but is set to be priced at £800, with cartridges priced at £25 each. A starter kit will also be available containing three cartridges of their choice for just £50 for anyone who signs up to their mailing list.

Will the Contour 800 deliver on its claims? Stay up to date on their website at

We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

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