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H&M Is Launching A 700 Piece Beauty Line! Would You Buy It?

Swedish retailer H&M has just announced it’s launching a brand new beauty collection. Would you buy it?


Swedish retailer H&M has just announced it’s launching a brand new beauty collection. Set to be released this autumn, the range will include over 700 products, from make-up to hair care, to body essentials to tools.

The brand have announced that there will be two collections within the range: premium and natural/organic products.

“We are very excited to launch H&M Beauty. It’s an opportunity to be inventive, creative and to have fun with colour that inspires us,” said Sarah Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty.

Following in the footsteps of their famous designer collaborations, there’s no denying that the new venture is sure to be a success for the brand. Would you buy H&M Beauty? Let us know in the comments below.

Images Via H&M

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