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Get Flawless Skin This Valentine’s Day With Magnitone’s Barefaced!


From crow-feet reducing wands, to steam facial saunas that probably work better than the old DIY hack of a kettle, more and more brands are blurring the boundaries between beauty and technology. Wearables? Snooze. Who needs them when there’s a ‘washing machine’ that cleans your makeup brushes? Yes, a washing machine.

Last year, a flurry of these savvy products entered the market and this year it’s only set to grow. Not only are they changing the way we think about practises like skincare, but they’re also becoming even more affordable. Take Magnitone’s Barefaced!, for instance. Sure, there may be similar buys on the market, but with the product having a price tag that doesn’t enter the three-digit mark, it’s quickly becoming a beauty-buff essential.

With Valentine’s day coming up, #TheCloset have decided to show you how a facial cleansing brush works. Whether you want to get flawless looking pores for date-night, or plan on staying at home and having a face mask evening with your girlfriends, here’s how Magnitone’s buy can help.


1. Remove Makeup

Start by removing any makeup you may be wearing. This will help unclog your pores, ready for cleansing. You can do this with your usual makeup remover products or skin wipes.


2. Rinse Face And Apply Cleanser

Once you’ve removed your makeup, wash your face with warm water. Next pick a cleanser. For this, we used MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. Not only does it help exfoliate skin, but it’s also sulfate-free. It’s a win-win. You can either apply the cleanser directly onto your face or on the product’s brush head. Just make sure you wet it first.


3. Use Magitone’s Brush

There are two setting on Magnitone’s brush, which are both a combo of sonic oscillations and electromagnetic vibrations. The setting you choose will depend on how deep you want to cleanse your pores. For this, we used setting two. After applying your cleanser, simply hold the gadget to your skin and let the vibrations do all the work. In other words, don’t scrub with it. This will only aggravate your skin and leave you looking red-faced.

Every 20 seconds the gadget will beep to tell you to switch areas. In total there are three areas you should focus on, your t-zone, cheeks and neck. After beeping three times, the brush will then turn itself off. Again this helps with aggravation and ensures you don’t spend too much time on one area.


4. Rinse Face And Apply Usual Products

After you’ve used the brush, wash the cleanser off with warm water and pat your face dry. Finish the everything with your usual creams and serums. Happy brushing!

Find out more about Magnitone Barefaced! on their website.

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