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Bedside Beauty Picks: Keeping Things Simple

It turns out that stripping back your bedtime beauty routine to just a few products makes life so much less cluttered.


My bedside table is usually cluttered with notepads, jewellery, a number of books that I’m halfway through reading and beauty bits and bobs. However, I was starting to feel as though this space was becoming really cluttered so, in an effort to become more organised, I decided to clear my surface and keep my bedside space very minimalistic. 

White Company White Lavender Hand & Nail Cream

I am in love with this hand and nail cream from The White Company. I treated myself to a full-sized bottle but I have hardly made a dent in it! It smells absolutely amazing, like pure lavender. It is such a pigmented product and I love that when I apply it to my hands, the scent lingers in the air and really fills the room. It is a lovely product to apply on a night before I go to sleep as I find the lavender and the motion of rubbing the cream into my hands really relaxing and therapeutic. The scent really lasts and so even after I’ve read my book and got all ready to go to sleep, I can still smell the lavender on my hands as I fall to sleep.

Laura Ashley Imperial Bloom Body Spray

When it comes to linen and pillow sprays, I’m a huge fan. I love to give my bedding and curtains a quick spritz to re-freshen my bedroom and keep it smelling nice. I received this body spray in a Laura Ashley gift set a while ago and although I love the scent, I’m not a huge fan of water based body spray. I re-discovered this product lately when I re-vamped my beauty product storage system and I ‘ve loved using it as a pillow and bedding spray. I pop a little on my sheets before climbing into bed so that my linen feels nice and fragrant as I drift off to sleep.

Jo Malone Body Cream

I love this little Peony & Blush Suede Body Creme from Jo Malone. I received it as part of a gift set, so it’s only a miniature tub, but the cream’s so thick and rich that only a small amount is needed to provide instant hydration. I like to use it on my elbows or the backs of my hands before going to sleep to ensure that they stay really soft. The cream sinks into the skin beautifully and I wake up still feeling silky soft.

Image via Madolyn Blackburn

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