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8 Things Only Hoodie Wearers Will Understand!

If it was ok for Lady Sov, it’s ok for me!

Lady Soverign

Source: Official Promo Shot

Ah, the hoodie. That beautiful, comforting item of clothing, perfect for pretty much any occasion (or so you keep telling yourself) and that goes with absolutely anything. Listed here by Fashion Beans as an item of “evergreen male clothing”, the reliable hoodie is definitely not just something for boys; let’s not forget our very own Lady Sovereign campaigned to ‘Save The Hoodie’ .

With all that being said, let’s take a look at some of the things only us hoodie wearers will truly understand…

  1. You’re never cold

A fleece lined jumper worn at all times is always a good call, and while your family and friends are complaining about a draft in that restaurant or that the heating is doing nothing in the living room you can sit there smug and cosy. A hoodie is basically like wearing a blanky at all times.

  1. You probably get frowned at

Mostly by elderly people, especially if you decided to wear one of your enormous oversized men’s hoodies and got on the bus without brushing your hair.

  1. There’s more than one type of hoodie…

In fact, there are several. And the day you realised this was a beautiful one, as you dashed into town and stocked up on everything from enormous pullovers to those kind of smart looking zip up ones.

  1. It’s the first thing you put on when you get home

After a day at work the first thing you do when you get home is remove the top you’re wearing and immediately throw on your comfiest hoodie. You probably wear just that and your pants. No one’s judging.

  1. The hoody is excellent for all activities

No other clothing item is more versatile than the hoodie. Perfect for travelling in as it can be used to keep you warm and as a pillow; great for sleeping in if you’re trying to save money on the heating; good for the gym because, after all, it’s classed as active wear and just generally ideal for slobbing around in.

  1. You don’t have to hide food babies

Because hoodies do that for you. After a particularly spectacular feast you know that you don’t need to worry about people asking when you’re due because your hoodie will hide all evidence of that pile of curly fries and garlic bread you just indulged in. Hoodies don’t judge.

  1. People have probably tried to make you dress ‘smarter’

Your Mum has perhaps suggested a nice floral dress would look better and your Nan might have complained that you’re wearing ‘that old thing’ again (of course referring to your most well loved hoody in your collection). Don’t blame the haters for not understanding how glorious hoodies are.

  1. You love pulling out your seasonal hoodie

Oh yes, you think, as December arrives. Now my light up, snowman scene Christmas hoodie can come out of the bottom drawer to impress and amaze everyone you come into contact with!

Don’t let anyone tell you hoodies are anything but amazing. Wear yours every day with pride and try to convert those who don’t believe into hoodie wearers too!

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