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Yashin Say Farewell To London But We Never Wanted It To End – Garage London – 25/11/2016 | Live Review

We didn’t want it to ever happen but Yashin bid London farewell in a torrent of emotions.


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The music industry is a cruel mistress which sadly brings an end to a lot of bands who are just not able to survive in its’ world. Yashin are one of the latest bands to fall down the rabbit hole and announced their split. They aren’t disappearing because they’ve lost their passion, or someone wants to leave, it’s just to tough a world out there and sometimes genuinely talented bands just can’t get the right foot holds to support them going forwards.

Yashin have been a part of our lives for ten years in some form or another, but since Kevin Miles and Harry Radford stepped into the band eight years ago they’ve been a staple at festivals, supporting some of our other favourite bands and, as with tonight, playing their own headline shows. As the band rightfully claim, they aren’t used to playing sets of this length, they’re more used to being the support act and to packing their explosive, energetic set into half an hour. Despite this, they pull out all the stops to make their farewell to London a special one.

The band may have never reached dizzying heights or released that killer track which everyone in the rock world would recognize in an instant, but the people who were touched by their music are dedicated, hardcore fans. The second the band stride onto the stage, which is a little too small for the six lads, the room explodes and the floor is suddenly crammed full of fans singing along to every single word.

Emotions are high tonight as the band thank everyone for their support, with Kevin looking like he might cry between songs, although that might be the full bottle of rum he drank throughout the night before coming back to say hello. The crowd are on the same level with tear filled eyes and smiles plastered across everyone’s faces.

While the band did release a new album earlier this year, The Renegades, there’s no need to promote it in that sense, as they choose to play tracks from right across their career, including ‘Make It Out Alive’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘Get Loose!’ and ‘New Year Or New York’. Despite their heavy influence, Kevin and Harry were not part of the original Yashin lineup, and original vocalist Michael Rice was invited on tour with the band to perform a number of tracks from the band’s previous incarnation. While most of the crowd probably have no idea who Michael is, it makes for a special treat for those who have been around since the beginning.

With Harry jumping into the crowd on board a Disney themed inflatable dingy and the band encouraging their friend to go for his first stage dive, there’s certainly a lot of interaction and participation throughout the night. As things begin to draw to a close, the reality sets in that this is indeed the last time we will ever hear these songs live, and the final time we will see these five Scots (and one American).

For their final two songs they bring out their cover of Britney Spears ‘Everytime’  which is met with extreme delight by the crowd, as it’s something they’ve teased for a long time. ‘Stand Up’ was an obvious place to end, as Yashin give us their final parting words to ‘stand up for what we believe in and stand up for ourselves’. As the guitars ring out, the band slowly make their way off the stage. and as the lights go up we’re left standing there unsure what to think. If a band as great as Yashin are calling it a day, who’s going to be next?!

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