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Wednesday 13 – Condolences | Album Review

The extravagant vocalist is back with another barrage of horror tinged music.

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When it’s thick, horror styled metal you’re crafting – a difficulty that can occur is bridging the gap correctly between entertainment and musical thump. The risk of making yourself look like little more than a parody act is a prevalent one, and a fate that many bands/side projects have succumb to.

Wednesday 13 has seen his whirlwind career move to different pillars several times, from fronting Murderdolls to Bourbon Crow, the solo artist is a true journeyman of the music industry, packed with experience and nouse.

With latest release ‘Condolences’ Wednesday 13 has taken moves away from the previous horror-punk tones that flew over his records and opted instead for a much thicker, prominent metal vibe. Becoming potentially the most brash product the journeyman has put his name to.

‘What The Night Brings’ brings in metal slabs but also bridges the line heavily on the side of novelty, with its horror B-Movie tones that float over the opening verse. While the sense of novelty doesn’t quite hang throughout the record, the more out and out metal tracks on the record do little to raise the heart-rate with ‘You Breathe, I Kill’ and ‘Prey For Me’ holding adequate enough rhythms but no real hook or punch.

A sense of forgetfulness seems to flow throughout Condolences, if you’re going in expecting quality along the lines of Evil Scarecrow or even Rob Zombie it’s likely that disappointment will set in quite early, with only ‘Good Riddance’ possessing a hook strong enough to the insides of your mouth stuck on. Guitar licks and solos give personality to a record having trouble finding any at this point.

A lack of star-power is the biggest drawback for Wednesday 13 throughout the record, and while there are moments that spike interest, they do seem to be somewhat few and far between, and it doesn’t take a long for a feeling of repetition to sit in.

Wednesday 13 is an established veteran of the music industry who has produced more than enough quality in his time to leave an everlasting mark. However Condolences is a record that have to make a real stretch to bring new fans in. Hardcore fans will feel at home here, anyone on the fence – not so much.

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