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We Are Carnivores – Theodor’s A Don, Bro | EP Review

Does “Don Broco fronts Protest The Hero” sound like your kind of thing? Then please step forward We Are Carnivores…

Source: official album artwork

Source: Album Artwork

“What is happening?” isn’t a phrase you often say to yourself when you listen to music. But with We Are Carnivores’ latest release, it’s one we found ourselves saying quite a bit, more so than you would think on a four-track EP.

The instrumentation by itself isn’t particularly anything new. At times it sounds a bit Dillinger Escape Plan-y, but more often than not it veers more towards the modern tech-metal theme. Think Glass Cloud but not downtuned so low. The riffs are incredibly tasty throughout, particularly on the title track and the fantastically named You Can’t Argue With Sharks‘.

The names of the tracks should give you some idea where we’re going with this. Because this album is pretty wacky. Whether or not that’s your cup of tea is very much up to you; the little fake phone call the singer does with himself in Scottish Power is genuinely entertaining, but if you prefer your music a little less “we’re going to poke fun at these things cos we don’t give a fuck” then you might end up turning off this EP quite quickly.

The vocals are where the real wackiness lies. We Are Carnivores alternate between a very accented kind of indie-rock half-singing, actual singing, and Grade-esque screaming. If the guy from Don Broco fronted Protest The Hero it would be a similar kind of sound, and just as catchy as both of them are capable of.

For all the strange eccentricities We Are Carnivores throw in on Theodor’s A Don, Bro it is an entertaining record. They don’t feel like they have quite enough different ideas or blow-your-mind songwriting skills to put out a full-length without it probably getting too same-y and without the joke running too thin, but taking this EP alone, We Are Carnivores have put out something solidly enjoyable.

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