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The Veronicas – The Veronicas | Album Review

It’s been six years since the last Veronicas album. Has it been worth the wait?

Credit: Official Facebook

Its been a long six years since Aussie sister duo The Veronicas released their 2007 album Hook Me Up and for some this could have been the catalyst to send them into pop obscurity. However they are back with a number one single and a brand spanking new album, which promises to be a progression in the sister’s sound.

Gone are the pop sync-y high-energy songs like ‘4everand ‘Hook Me Up’, and in their place are songs like ‘Always’, where piano and strings take on a melancholy feel and wouldn’t be out-of-place on a cheesy 70s television intro; Different Strokes comes to mind.

The Veronicas have always been known, and loved, for their slightly quirky bad-ass style, and fans will be relieved to know that they have managed to keep some of this intact on the new album. Take for example, the single ‘Cold, which sees the introduction of spoken word, or more precisely spitten word, with lyrics dripping with hate and regret. Another great example is the track ‘Sanctified’, a mid west sounding, bluesy song brimming with high-energy guitar riffs, heavy bass and moody gospel style lyrics.

‘Born Bob Dylan’, seems to be the duos statement song, the moral, to have courage to stand up regardless of consequences. It’s not a bad message to send, the acoustic guitar keeps things upbeat and away from toeing the line to preachy, and manages to be a fairly simplistic but enjoyable track.

The stand out track would have to be ‘You Ruin Me’, a track brimming with raw lyrical energy accompanied by a few string sections and mournful piano. The beauty of the song lies in the pure, undiluted emotion that requires no crazy drum beats or heavy bass-lines, just heart wrenching lyrics.

It’s clear that the duo understand the need to evolve, especially in todays ever-changing music scene; its evident by the mix of genres they’ve dipped their toes into. The Veronicas sound like they want to be taken more seriously, a hell of a lot more experimentation has gone into this album and its clear that they are taking chances and diverging from their roots. There are some potential hit songs, mixed in with a few duds, which makes this less of a frontier into unchartered territory but still an album with a few welcome developments.

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