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Various Artists – Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 | Album Review

Fearless Records have released their new addition of Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6. Read here to see what we thought.

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Cover

Fearless Records have done it again. The record label have pleased fans by releasing another one of their huge success – and one of Rock lovers guilty pleasures. Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 is here and it’s filled with classic chart tunes that have had a wonderful Punk sound put to them. These punk covers have been blessing Rock lovers ears since 2002, and when they were first released to us, we loved them just as much as we do now. Now that fans wait in anticipation for the next album set, the standard is set high for fans to hear a cover that can offer them something new. Most importantly to offer them something they love.

Turns out the bar hasn’t slipped. A huge highlight heads towards We Came As Romans wonderful cover of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. Stephens vocals have a truly wonderful melodic tone, and the heavier backing, alongside the heavy handed guitars really highlight the song in a new way. A Rock cover truly done well. Hand-in-hand with Upon a Burning Body’s ‘Turn Down For What’: metal and rap at it’s finest. A song that no matter what genre you favour, you’d appreciate the cover immensely.

Crown The Empire will impress listeners also with their cover of ‘Burn’. The band truly tackle a chart hitter in an honest way. You won’t hear the track as a cover, but as an original track you  haven’t heard before. Which we believe is the best way a cover can be done; to strip a song down, and highlight something new. Similarly, although different in tone, Volumes version of ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ we believe is to also be a crowd pleaser. The original track was a huge success, and led to many different covers to accumulate. However, this offers quality vocals, soft percussion and heavier playing, with roars to emphasise the necessary twists. An experimental track, but another that pays off with style.

However the album did include some low points. But this we mean the confusion as to why there would be a Paramore cover on this album, Tyler Carter and Luke Hammond arguably put a more pop sound towards the track, but not one that differs in its entirety to the original. Another slight let down is August Burns Red’s rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball’ – although their roars and playing do not falter, the tune will never really pay many favours. However, it may still play as an improvement for metal fans.

Additionally, Knuckle Puck’s cover of ‘Chocolate’ may please fans, but it does not necessarily offer anything new to the pre-existing track. After all we do always appreciate the daring qualities of these albums.

Towards the end of the album a recent hit ‘Sweater Weather’ is covered by Slaves, which takes again a similar tone to the original but has a more rock raw sound, which allows for another original treat. Throughout the album many serious chart toppers are taken on – hugely so when Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ is covered by Palisades.

Although, in true Punk Goes Pop tradition, most tracks really do offer something new for a different genre of music. In regards to previous albums, we wouldn’t class this year’s as the best set of covers. However, the album will not disappoint in that respect, and fans can expect to hear new songs that they will fall in love with.

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