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UK Warped Tour Highlights Part 2 – 18/10/2015 | Live Review

UK Warped Tour feels like a distant memory but you can reminisce and check out some of our highlights from the day. Here’s what we thought!

Asking Alexandria-46

Source: Graham Berry

Arizona metalcore group The World Alive help to open up the second half of the main stage, albeit half an hour late. The pressure seems to have struck the sound engineers as the sound is a little lacklustre with everything swimming under the sound of underlying bass tones. Telle Smith’s vocals fortunately are not lost and come out stronger than ever. Newer poppier tracks such as ‘Lighthouse’ are mixed with older tracks like ‘Life Cycles’ to provide the ultimate balance to show new fans what the band are all about. 3/5

Sadly the sound engineers still seem to be half asleep as Hollywood based Ghost Town do not sound at their best. The volume of the vocals seriously suffers and the electronics sound like a complete mess. Having never seen the band before we’re sure this isn’t how they’re meant to sound and it seems Kevin Ghost knows something is up as awkwardly bumbles a little through the set. For the fans in the crowd though the mixture of cult classics like ‘You’re So Creepy’ and newer tracks are just what they’ve all been waiting for. 1.5/5

Source: Graham Berry

Source: Graham Berry

As Frank Carter screams “You’ve heard a lot of terrible music today” we know that we’re in for a treat. Despite the fact that there is a lot of intense energy Frank Carter has lightened up since getting married and having a child. Everything which occurs from here onwards is bound with more energy than all of the rest of the bands put together and enough crowd participation to make it feel like you’re in a field in the middle of the summer. Frank spends as much time in the crowd as he does on stage in traditional fashion and gets the entire crowd to scream back the words to ‘I Hate You’ like it’s an iconic track they’ve known for their whole lives. 4.5/5

Attila are here to put the party back into Warped Tour’s affairs, and the Georgia metalcore 4-piece bring both the heaviness and the obscene gestures to the masses. Attila are one of the biggest marmite bands out there, half of the crowd are pumped and screaming along the words to ‘Outlaw’, the other half are at the back confused and wanting to punch something, but either way the crowd is quite large. Fronz is both the high point, and low point of the set as he commands the majority of the crowd and in most part his screams are on point, but during the faster speaking parts his vocals are jittery and a far cry from their recorded sounds. For those who love Attila this was probably a great set, for us it was a little forgettable. 2.5/5

Asking Alexandria

Source: Graham Berry

Denis joined Asking Alexandria what feels like ages ago but Warped Tour was our first chance to see him gelled within the band and we’re graced with an hour of the newly formed band. As ‘I Won’t Give In’ sparks up at the beginning of the set the missing part of the puzzle has been filled. Denis shows that he was meant for this band as both his singing and screaming are strong, deep, raw and it shows up the Asking of the past. Blinding lights, over the top pyro and a strong set of classics such as ‘Closure’ and ‘Not The American Average’ reign through the set. Ben Bruce shows that it isn’t just frontmen who can command the crowd as his stage banter holds the crowd between transition. The set finishes on ‘The Final Episode’ and the track has a whole new dimension now. Asking Alexandria 2.0 show that they’re back and stronger than ever before. 4/5

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