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Trivium – London Roundhouse – 17/02/2017 | Live Review

Trivium arrive back in London on the final leg of their Silence in the Snow tour and we were there to experience the spectacle.


Source: Matt Higgs

Over the past few decades since their inception Trivium have been a prolific band from their debut album Ember To Inferno which was re-released during the later half of 2016, to latest album Silence in the Snow. The band have played some of the world’s biggest festivals, toured with giants in the metal world and carved a space for themselves in the ever crowded world of modern day metal. After a smaller club style tour last year the band descended back to the country’s larger venues to end their run for Silence in the Snow.

Ready to celebrate the end of the working week London’s Roundhouse was pretty full and after an introductory version of Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’ the band strode onto the stage opening up with ‘Rain’ from perhaps their most well known album Ascendancy. The hysteria which erupted from the crowd during the opening few seconds was incredible and the 90 minute set spanned the full Trivium discography as opposed to too heavily focusing on any one era.


Source: Matt Higgs

A mixture of old favourites like ‘Down From The Sky’ and ‘Dying In Your Arms’ mixed in with welcomed surprised such as heavy as hell ‘Dusk Dismantled’ and the riff filled ‘Entrance Of The Conflagration’. Things jump up a notch when ‘Rise Above The Tide’ and ‘Down From The Sky’ from 2008’s Shogun album are played. With such a mixture of people in attendance every era is covered in fans eyes.

New drummer Alex Bent offered a stunning display of the bands’ material which was particularly noticeable during tracks such as ‘Pillar of Serpents’ and ‘Forsake Not The Dream’. Despite being just a few shows into his career we, and the crowd have zero complaints. It’s business as usual from everyone else as the band encourage the crowd to interact and move as much as they can, and frontman Matt Heafy’s vocals sounded especially mesmerizing in London’s iconic venue.


Source: Matt Higgs

After a quick step of stage before the usual encore Trivium burst force with ‘In Waves’ which causes an eruption from the crowd using up every scrap of energy their tired bodies can muster.

Another triumphant show done and dusted from Trivium.

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