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This City Limits – Here’s To Hoping | EP Review

Here at MOSH, we took a look at ‘Here’s To Hoping’, the brand new EP from This City Limits. What did we think? Find out inside.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

It wasn’t that long ago that This City Limits last came through the MOSH offices with their single ‘Too Scared To Swim‘, an excellent example of modern British Rock music for the Pop-Punk generation. So when Here’s To Hoping came into our hands, it just had to be heard! It sure as hell didn’t disappoint.

Opening with the legato licks of ‘Thief‘, it’s clear that these gentlemen mean business. A soft and simplistic opening with an almost haunting vocal builds up until the track comes to life with a crash of drums and roaring guitars, all culminating into a sound-scape of epic proportions. It’s raw and lacks the polish of a typical modern release, there’s no auto-tune or studio trickery here. It’s pure, honest and sounds absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic for it.

Following straight up from the aforementioned (and previously reviewed) single comes ‘Runaway‘. With a style leaning close to being almost ballad like, it’s another piece of proof that these guys are experts of tasteful dynamic, knowing when it’s time to go all out with brutal, mosh pit worthy onslaughts and when to pull back and build suspense. The heartfelt lyricism is also found in abundance here, telling tales of lost love and heartbreak, which although clichéd, are approached with such honesty that the risk of cheesiness is elegantly side-stepped.

Closing numbers ‘Saltwater‘ and ‘So This Is Home‘ follow with more of the same. Tasteful musicianship, with a raw story told and an equally raw production value. By the end of the five tracks, it’s true to say that These City Limits know how to tell a tale and rock harder than many charting Rock outfits of a similar style. There’s imperfections at moments throughout the short running time, but it’s these moments that bring one vital aspect of music back that many modern studio techniques steal away. Character.

TCL are one to watch, because if their next release keeps up this standard, there’s no telling what will come next in their adventures in this crazy world of music.

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