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The Lounge Kittens – London Dingwalls – 21/04/2017 | Live Review

We left Camden smiling ear to ear after watching The Lounge Kittens. Check out how the night went here.

the lounge kittens

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Live music is always a fun experience, but sometimes a show can just leave your face hurting from smiling so much. This was how we left Camden’s Dingwalls after seeing The Lounge Kittens on the second night of their latest tour. Hearts bursting with happiness and smiles plastered over our faces.

While The Lounge Kittens themselves have supported some of the best arena rock bands around, such as Steel Panther, Alice Cooper, and Status Quo, the question of who could support the quirky ladies left us wondering.

Rayguns Look Real Enough stepped up to the mark and, despite being one of the strangest things we’ve ever witnessed, they had us smiling and laughing throughout. This two piece act consisted of Luke Reel, who looked like he’d stepped straight off the stage of the American Idiot musical, and Ray Gun, who looked like he was auditioning for an adult version of the Frosties advert complete in a skin tight plunge front full-length leopard leotard. The aesthetics added to the comedy mash-up of the bands music where they mixed hundreds of songs into a few hilarious bite sized tracks. It was like comedy meets cabaret meets rock and roll.

After being suitably warmed up, it was the time of the evening we had all been waiting for and the trio of wonderful ladies, aka The Lounge Kittens, bound onto the stage in another stunning arrangement of outfits and plenty more banter. We’d seen the band plenty of times as support acts and at festival’s, but tonight was actually the first headline show we’d experienced and it just meant more time for Lounge Kitten fun.

Considering that they have two releases’ with a hell of a lot of material, there was a lot of new stuff on offer tonight including the opening track of The Who’s ‘Who are you’ and Queens’ ‘I Want To Ride My Bicycle’; after explaining to everyone about their bike ride to Download Festival. The great thing about tonight, and indeed the trio, is the diversity. Looking around the crowd there is a real mixture of genders, ages and aesthetics, but that’s because there’s few bands who can connect with the audience on a Prodigy melody followed by a Sean Paul mashup, later followed by Slipknot ‘Duality’, some Rammstein and then ending the night on Tina Turner’s ‘Simply The Best’. This kind of musical array just doesn’t happen.

It isn’t just the diversity of tracks which makes tonight truly special, it’s the ladies themselves. They speak their minds, aren’t afraid to be silly onstage and have complete potty mouths. There’s nothing overly serious about them and you can see that they genuinely, hands down, love what they do. And we love them for that. And we loved them even more when they played a track combining theme tunes from so many 80’s and 90’s kids TV shows including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pokemon. A well layered, harmonized version of various TV show theme tunes is what dreams are made of.

We’re sure those who have seen The Lounge Kittens know how talented and unique they are, but they’re still vastly underrated among everyone else. These ladies deserve to be headlining venues four times the size of Dingwalls.

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