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The Subways – Bournemouth The Anvil-30/05/2014/ Live Review

The Subways live review. Bournemouth’s The Anvil 31/05/2014

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Bournemouth was in for a treat last week when UK festival veterans The Subways played The Anvil . As a precursor to their upcoming tour in support of their new album, the Welwyn Garden City three piece played to a capacity crowd all hungry to see such a great band in such an intimate location. Though if your girlfriend asks you to take her to an intimate location on a date she probably won’t be thinking of 100 odd sweaty guys jumping around.

Opening with ‘Oh Yeah‘ lead singer/guitarist Billy Lunn seemed up and ready for the occasion he said “its the closest they have been to each other on stage since they began” and the band seemed to feed on the energy of the crowd just inches away. Although he did look a bit confused by the couple making out on his PA.

They played an hour long set of mainly songs from their debut album ‘Young For Eternity’ as well as treating us with new material, including their current single ‘My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat‘. The new songs gelled with the older material and although they didn’t play fan favourite ‘Girls & Boys‘ they didn’t disappoint  with a great set list. Everyone went crazy for ‘With You‘ and ‘Celebrity‘, they even managed to get nearly an entire audience to sit down, until going ape for the chorus.  The venue was maybe a little bit too small and one had to feel for the fans having to peer around the staircase to catch a glimpse of the band. Without any stage barriers or security the bans were literally having to dodge crowd members bouncing onto the stage. But The Subways just smiled it off and Billy kept praising the crowd as being amazing and even managed to pull of a stage dive and crowd surf whilst declaring “Im Spiderman”.

A great gig at a random location, definitely check out The Subways on their UK tour this autumn and their festival appearance at Glastonbury Festival this month.

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