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State Champs – The Forum – 29/11/2014 | Live Review

Pop-punk cool kids, State Champs, supported New Found Glory on their Pop Punk’s Not Dead UK tour. Check out our review of the show here!

Source: George Powell

New York pop-punk band State Champs have quickly become a household name in the scene, and have definitely left their mark in the UK. Slam Dunk festival 2014 was especially claustrophobic for anyone wanting to watch their set, and anyone lucky enough to actually see them, understands why.

The 5-piece take the stage and there’s a burst of energy in the room, unlike any other from the bands before. They get straight into it with ‘Nothing’s Wrong’, and the crowd is already pushing to try and reach the front. The band’s energy is infectious and no one is standing still, which isn’t surprising for a State Champs set. They have a way of commanding the attention of everyone in the room, even the most sceptical concertgoer. The band’s set includes ‘Easy Enough’, and frontman Derek Discanio’s favourite ‘Simple Existence’, both of which include, mosh pits, crowd surfing (the firsts of the night), and a lot of hands in the air. Singer Derek jumps around the stage, without missing a beat. His singing is exceptional, and the rest of the band’s instruments sound immaculate, not that we can hear any of the flaws anyway, since the crowd’s singing is so loud they’re attempting to overpower the band. Luckily, this is a pop punk show, so loud instruments and strong lungs are a requirement. During their last song ‘Elevated’ Derek jumps down from the stage, and stands by the crowd holding on to them as he sings. You can just hear the broken bones as people push forward attempting to grab the frontman.

State Champs are one of those bands that come along and really change the concert dynamic; they make the stage feel like home, and you a part of the family. State Champs are definitely one’s to watch, because if tonight is any indication, they are going to be playing sold out venues really soon.

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