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Stacey Solomon – Shy | Album Review

Click here to see what we think of Stacey Soloman’s debut album, Shy.

Source: Official Artwork

Source: Official Artwork

Six years after competing on The X FactorStacey Solomon is finally making her music debut with her new album, Shy. Despite her endearing and infectious personality, the mood of the album is reflective of the album title, indicating that there is more to her than a scatty on-screen persona.

The title track and ‘Breath Away’ are fairly similar in terms of composition, with mid-tempo bluesy and jazzy sentiments. They allow you to explore her voice and it are both fairly pleasant to listen to. ‘Gravity’ is more introverted and vulnerable. A piano ballad, the title of the song serves as a metaphor for how she and her lover are attracted to each other without trying. ‘Only You Will Do’ contains a high production value with beautifully understated falsetto harmonies throughout the chorus’. The tempo is kicked up slightly with ‘The Way He Was’, though while it is not something you can fully rave to, it serves as a nice foot tapper.

A more diva-like vocal is adopted on ‘I Hope You’re Happy’, as Solomon’s voice projects further and is consumed by angst during the chorus. For ‘My Big Mistake’, the singer sounds uncannily similar to Lily Allen with that light, airy falsetto which is used throughout the song’s entirety. ‘I Walk The Line’ incorporates elements of Caribbean and reggae music in its composition to give it a feel good vibe.

Overall, the album is fairly pleasant, primarily because of its easy listening, laid back piano melodies and adult contemporary feel. And Solomon herself sounds sweet and angelic, staying firmly in her comfort zone and not venturing outside of the lane. It’s refreshing to listen to an album completely void of pure dance tracks and sexualised lyrics.

The only problem is that each song seems to reiterate the same sentiment of the one before it: that she loves her man, thus sounding a bit repetitive. It also seems void of any radio friendly single choice. But, with six years out of the music limelight, the big question is whether this is good enough to re-capture the imagination of the audience who voted for her on The X Factor in the first place. Only time will tell.

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