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Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise To Sundown | Album Review

Spiritual Beggars release a new album after 3 years and show how they are an 80s band with a 21st century sound… well a bit of both.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Spiritual Beggars are one band which keep coming back with an album just when you think they’ve gone away for good. Three years after the release of their highly successful album Earth Blues , they have now released Sunrise To Sundown. They’ve taken a different approach to the writing of this one where more members have contributed to the writing of the songs rather than mainly guitarist Michael Amott. This gives the album more diversity which to begin with was a concern of Amott’s with driving riffs one minute and an ambient mood in the next track, but this is now seen to be a strength of the new album. Amott is also well known for his work in the epic melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, but there is definitely no confusion when listening to the two bands; you can definitely hear the difference.

Spiritual Beggars have a great sound which seems to combine elements from Deep Purple and Iron Maiden harnessing a great heavy 80’s rock feel, but at the same time have elements similar to Dragonforce which make their sound still current. An 80s band with a 21st century sound… well a bit of both.

The opening track and title of the album ‘Sunrise To Sunset‘ straight away show’s how this album could be mistaken for being made in the 80’s. The tight blues sounding riff gives a driving rhythm with great off-beat hits from the drums, something you could imagine Whitesnake performing. A definite old school attitude which we don’t always hear enough so it is great to hear it being executed brilliantly throughout this album.

The tone of the instruments fit together brilliantly, especially in ‘Southern Star’ the closing track of the album. Featuring a very melodious piano solo which follows after a very soulful and almost dirty guitar riff from the low register. Then after a guitar solo harmonises with the piano before going into a solo of its own, weaving into a scarf of deep blues sounds.

A brilliant album combining hard hitting 80s style riffs with an added blues edge and attitude. Dirty and clean all at the same time Sunrise to Sunset is definitely worth a listen, to hear this back to the future album bringing an 80s sound into 2016 with great style.

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