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Sleeping With Sirens – Live & Acoustic From NYC | EP Review

Sleeping With Sirens have released an acoustic EP to accompany their recently released album, Gossip.

Sleeping With Sirens - Live & Acoustic From NYC

Source: EP Artwork

Sleeping With Sirens are the My Chemical Romance of the modern age. Their fanbase is as devout as can be, travelling all over the world and sporting an array of tattoos to show just how dedicated they are to these five men. Sleeping With Sirens are famed for giving back to those very fans however, and between featuring them in their music videos to shouting them out on stage, they’ve made a very special EP with three live acoustic tracks that the band recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York City.

Boasting three tracks, stripped down versions of ‘One Man Army‘, ‘Gossip‘ and ‘Legends‘, the EP is meant to compliment the band’s latest album Gossip, from which the tracks originally came. The difference between this record and their previous acoustic record, Live and Unplugged (2016) is that there is no crowd this time. It wasn’t recorded at a show, but was in fact specifically made in the studio as a gift to their fans.

Each track translates beautifully in to the acoustic style, but you do find yourself feeling that the songs sound unfinished. Unsurprising since they were intended to be much more hectic, as they originally are, but you have to give Sleeping With Sirens props as it is very difficult to try and make songs with so many layers sound decent with just a handful of elements remaining.

It’s unfair to critique this record too much as it only totals three songs, but one thing that can be said is that it’s an excellent addition to Sleeping With Sirens’ discography and has been received well by fans who are awestruck by their favourite band’s dedication to the craft.

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