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Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip | Album Review

Florida quartet Sleeping With Sirens are back with their fifth album ‘Gossip’. Check out what we thought of it here!


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Sleeping With Sirens aren’t the same band who sung about love in a room full of mirrors (their With Ears To See days) or the same band who told you where to go if you couldn’t hang. So if you’re looking for those guys and those tunes, sorry, you’re out of luck. Gossip is not your album.

Sleeping With Sirens have spent the last few years, and their last few albums, making it abundantly clear that they are not sticking to one genre and you can either love them or hate them.

Gossip, the band’s fifth studio album, is definitely a progression of their new, mainstream-friendly, sound that they began developing with their last album Madness.

Title track ‘Gossip’ immediately sets the tone of the album: unlike anything SWS has done before. The moody, mid-tempo track features one of the catchiest choruses the band has ever produced. Though the track is simple in nature, it is definitely one that impresses.

Huge, anthemic tracks are another thing that Sleeping With Sirens have been refining these past few years. And their expertise is highlighted with the huge tracks ‘Legends’ and ‘Empire To Ashes’. ‘Legends’ features an echoey, expansive chorus, while ‘Empire To Ashes’ displays more of an electronic buzz with added heavy riffs.

The cool, composed ‘Cheers’ is the ‘Do It Now, Remember It Later’ of this era. The band still has that same we-don’t-give-a-damn mentality, but now it comes with a punchy melody and deep, moody riffs. Elsewhere, ‘Closer’ is a sweet, subtle pop-rock tune made for summer nights.

‘Hole In My Heart’ showcases Kellin Quinn’s impressive vocal abilities, but underwhelms with its melody. And the simple, yet effective ‘The Chase’ features spacey, electric flourishes and upbeat, magnetic riffs.

There isn’t much consistency in the album—it all goes pretty wild at the end with the closing, western-esque track ‘War’. But this isn’t unusual for a debut major label release.

Fans of the band’s earlier stuff won’t find much on Gossip, but if they give the album a chance, a few listens might make them reconsider. What do we think of it overall? We think that Gossip features some of the band’s most interesting and dynamic tracks to date. And, like always, we commend their risk-taking ways.

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