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Sleep On It – Overexposed | Album Review

Pop-punk up-and-comers Sleep On It will release their debut album, Overexposed.

Sleep On It - Overexposed

Source: Album Artwork

“So many pop-punk bands, so little time”? We can hardly blame you for having that sentiment cross your mind when trying to embrace the modern alternative music scene. You kill off one, but then another three sprout up in its place, all churning out the same dime-a-dozen sound that’s been done a thousand times before. In order to stand out in such a saturated market, you really have to prove your worth. Sleep On It are doing just that with their debut, Overexposed.

A New Way Home‘ and ‘Window‘ are a fantastic start to the album, fueled by heart-wrenching feeling. ‘Distant‘ showcases Sleep On It’s ability to work with both clean and unclean vocals, and while that mix has become somewhat a staple in modern pop-punk it’s always refreshing to see it done well.

Further on, the album welcomes a feature from State Champs’ vocalist Derek Discanio who also offered extra production on the record. ‘Fireworks‘ is a brilliant cut; it’s incredibly catchy and simply made to be played live.

The fundamental acoustic track is titled ‘A Brighter Shade Of Blue‘, and while the melody isn’t anything to write home about (it’s the same chords that you can sing just about any song to), the lyrics make up for it. A beautifully moving track, it’s Sleep On It’s chance to prove they have that vital versatility that will allow them to survive in the ever-growing pop-punk scene.

Lead singer Zech Pluister is practically soulful with his delivery, singing every word in a manner that will have listeners captivated. Final offering ‘Autumn (I Wish I Was Better)‘ is not only a perfect example of this but brings the album to a close in the most solid way. Pluister’s range is reminiscent of Mayday Parade‘s Derek Sanders, though the rest of the band channel the likes of State Champs and Neck Deep. Given the success of those bands, things look promising for this five-piece.

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