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Seven Stories High – Deadweight | EP Review

Swansea pop punk crew Seven Stories High are about to release their sophomore EP ‘Deadweight’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Seven Stories high

Source: EP Artwork

Swansea pop punk crew Seven Stories High are about to release their new sophomore EP Deadweight on the 26th November.

The 4-song EP is based on the Greek myth of King Midas—a king who has the power to turn everything he touches to gold. It’s not exactly in the theme of typical pop punk pop-culture references, but we still dig it.

Opening track ‘Apathy’ is an upbeat, bouncy tune featuring all the makings of a classic pop-punk banger. Bright, optimistic riffs and enthusiastic gang vocals are in full force. The song ends with a breakdown reminiscent of pop punk heavyweights Four Year Strong. ‘Midas’ starts off with a sweet acoustic melody but slowly transitions into a spirited ballad with pulsating drums, atmospheric guitar work, and passionate vocals. The sweet, ambient flourishes throughout the track give it a certain gold-like delicateness.

Third track ‘Hoax’ is the point in the EP where the band adopts more of a Four Year Strong-esque vibe. The heavier track has a classic pop punk composition but a fuller, more disorderly sound. ‘Hoax’ and the moody, layered ballad ‘Alchemy Part I’ is really where the band shines. It is also the point in the EP where the band shows their great sing-a-long potential. We can already see us screaming along with them at a dingy, sweaty venue.

But at the end of the day, this is pop punk. And there isn’t anything on this EP that we haven’t heard some sort of variation of before, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t energetic, singable and entertaining. We have no doubt that we’ll all be jamming to Seven Stories High for many EPs to come.

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